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Now ideas and speedy design processes are the most important factors that contribute to a product’s victory or failure in any market.
The “Black Box”, our design methodology based on idea and speed which are the basic strategies of “Design First” philosophy,
contains innovations that will reshape our future industry.



Whitespa BARCO, CALLA 2010

Milk+cruet & Storage set Homeplus 2010

IINNO-H2 Macgyver Mouse 2009

IINNO-H1 Long Tail Mouse 2009

Baha Cube Series2 Samsung 2008

Cuchen Steam Cleaner Woongjin 2007

INNO-M2 Artist Palette MP3 Player 2008

INNO-H2 Macgyver Mouse 2008

INNO-B2 Barbie MP3 Player 2008

INNO-M2 Artist Palette MP3 Player 1990

INNO-H2 Macgyver Mouse 2008

KP-3000 Lobster 1993

Hard Case golf bag Protech 1990

INNO-H2 Macgyver Mouse 2008

Hard Case golf bag Protech 1991

"Realize your talent,
Implement your talent,
Contribute your talent,
to the world"





5F Inno COWORKS Building / 3, Yeoksam-ro 19-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, KOREA
+82 2 3456 3000
+82 2 3456 3099
innokr@innodesign.com    (Project Request)
inno-recruit@innodesign.co.kr    (Recruit)
577 College Avenue, Palo Alto, California, USA
+1 650 493 4666
+1 650 493 6198

Palo Alto

The INNODESIGN Center, completed in 1996, accommodates INNODESIGN's design team and features the latest in computer technology for complete visualization of the client's project. Located in Palo Alto, INNODESIGN is at the threshold of today's key trade route: California to the Pacific Rim. It is in close proximity to San Francisco's vibrancy and style and, importantly, is in the midst of Silicon Valley, where new companies emerge daily and where venture capitalists look for a professional image as an indication of a new company's marketability.
5F Inno COWORKS Building / 3, Yeoksam-ro 19-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, KOREA
+82 2 3456 3000
+82 2 3456 3099


Innodesign Korea studio is located in Pangyo Technovalley, the Mecca of R & D industry with a focus on IT, BT, and CT at the global level in the world. Relocation of Innodesign Korea’s studio to Pangyo Technovalley, the Silicon Valley of Korea, is meaningful because of Innodesign’s headquarter in Silicon Valley of Palo Alto, United States.
The consideration for the 30 affiliated designers and visitors led to the unique graphics that decorate the walls and the creative interior of Pangyo-studio which exemplifies a studio perfect for various creative occupations marks the era of P-to-P (Palo Alto to Pangyo) of Innodesign.
Innodesign’s identity is portrayed through the vibrant color and modern finish of the conference room, relaxing atmosphere of the lounge, and also the meeting room.
606-5-505 Miyazaki Miyamae-ku Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa Japan 2160033
+81 (0)50-2200-7881
+81 (0)50-2200-7881


Opened in 2010, Inno Design Tokyo Studio started business in the headquarters located in Silicon Valley, U.S.A. and has conducted design consulting activities for more than 20 years. Based on this long-held experiences and know how, Inno Design Tokyo Studio, the 4th global studio in Inno Design entered into Japanese market, the advanced country in design and simultaneously upon full penetration into Japan, the Tokyo Studio began to strengthen its capabilities as a global design consulting group. While the world is paying keen attention to Asia’s design ability and skill, with design a step forward, the Tokyo Studio will squarely face the Asia’s leading brands which garnered recognition in the global market and wage the Inno Design’s creative consulting activity more briskly in the whole business. Inno Design will continue to challenge for global market to jump into a powerful total creative consulting group.
Beijing Lufthansa Center, C401 50 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016, P.R.C
+86 10 6463 9490 (A/S: +82 31 776 5081)
+86 10 6463 9489


INNODESIGN’s Beijing studio was established on November 2004 in Beijing’s business center Kempinski Center. There, INNODESIGN offers services based on design and marketing consulting as well as a business strategy consulting service adapted to the Chinese market. At this time, the potential design demand of the Chinese market is very high, and INNODESIGN is anticipating this studio’s active and successful participation in that market.